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How to choose the optimal alternative? Benign hyperplasia of the prostate BPH is the most common non-malignant male disease that can be managed by non invasive procedures. The incidence is not evident due to the existence of different forms of this disease histological, asymptomatic — compensated obstruction, symptomatic for example subvesical obstruction. Because there are additional diseases of both sexes that can cause identical symptoms the term lower urinary tract symptoms LUTS was introduced.

Diagnostic workup is quite undemanding, however differential diagnosis is unbelievably broad. It is true that basic examination includes Prostamol bei Diabetes rectal examination, appropriate diagnosis including a specific questionnaire IPSS and urine analysis to rule out infection. Prostate specific antigen PSA level is important in patients perspective for a therapy of possibly Prostamol bei Diabetes prostate cancer. The examination of urinary flow by means of uroflowmetry UFM having in mind the limits of urine volume and data as such.

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