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Ref country code : TR. Ref legal event code : MM. The body has a mat 1 traced after applied on a sore and direct wetting with a sore fluid of a sore area 34 and an outer contour 31 of the sore during remaining a surface area 33 of the mat. The mat passes over a sore edge in an applied condition of the body and covers a skin area about the sore. The present application claims the priority of DEto the disclosure of which reference is made here in their entirety.

The disclosure of the DE is Herzmedikation bei Diabetes to this application. The invention relates to a pillow-shaped wound care article for the extraction and control of wound fluids according to the preamble of claim 1. Such a wound care Herzmedikation bei Diabetes is particularly suitable for receiving exudate from chronic wounds, such as e. The term "exudate" refers to a wound fluid derived from the blood plasma via the inflammatory processes of wound edema.

Just as Herzmedikation bei Diabetes blood is responsible for the transport of nutrients and other messengers, and thus for the supply of various parts of the body, the exudate serves in a similar way the supply of the wound bed and the healing processes occurring therein. To cope with this multitude of functions, it contains a wide range of components, resulting in a specific weight that is slightly above that of water.

This is also different from the transudate, which is derived from non-inflammatory processes and has a significantly lower specific gravity with a low cell and protein content. In addition to providing nutrients to the fibroblasts and epithelial cells, the exudate coordinates the various processes of wound healing both temporally and spatially high content of growth factors and cytokines. These are mainly formed by platelets, keratinocytes, macrophages and fibroblasts.

They influence the motility, migration and proliferation of the various cells involved in wound healing. Thus, the infiltration of cells into the wound base is promoted as well as Herzmedikation bei Diabetes supply of the newly formed granulation tissue by angiogenesis.

The wound cleansing is also supported by the exudate. It contains various serine, cysteine and aspartate proteases as well as matrix metalloproteases, which in their activity severely regulate irreversibly damaged tissue and thus prepare the wound bed for the subsequent phases of healing.

Components Herzmedikation bei Diabetes the physiological exudate are in particular salts, glucose, cytokines and growth factors, plasma proteins, proteases in particular matrix metalloproteasesgranulocytes and macrophages. If it does not happen within a few weeks to a significant progression of the wound healing process according to the different stages of wound healing, it is called a chronic wound.

However, exudative episodes are considered to be a complication for more than three days, suggesting a pathological Herzmedikation bei Diabetes that may contribute to the chronicity of the wound. The underlying causes are usually Herzmedikation bei Diabetes and may well be systemic. However, due to the above-mentioned importance of the exudate for wound healing, it is not surprising that complications of wound healing are reflected in a significantly altered composition and effect of the exudate.

Among other things, by a shift in concentration of the individual constituents of the exudate, the normally healing-promoting exudate loses its positive effect in chronic wounds.

In particular, the Herzmedikation bei Diabetes of inflammatory cytokines and proteases is significantly increased in pathological exudate. The content of growth factors, however, is reduced.

A particularly serious difference arises with regard to the activity of the matrix-metalloproteases zuvo addressed. In addition to the preparation of the wound bed, they are also involved in the subsequent remodeling of the granulation to the scar tissue. These enzymes are normally formed as an inactive pre-enzyme and are regulated in their activation by appropriate inhibitors tissue inhibitors of metalloproteases, TIMPswhich at the same time have a positive effect on cell growth.

In chronic exudate Due to disturbances in this regulation system, the activity of the proteases seems to be increased, possibly contributing to an active wound regression. The pathological exudate is in balance with Herzmedikation bei Diabetes content of its components from the wound progression-promoting balance.

This results in various complications that Herzmedikation bei Diabetes to further deterioration and chronicity of the wound. A wound care article of the type mentioned in the beginning serves, in particular, to absorb said chronic exudate and thus promote wound healing. Such a wound care article is out DE 59 the Herzmedikation bei Diabetes known.

The known wound care article is a wound care article whose additional, inner cotton wrapper has the function of making it difficult to make direct contact between the mucosal cells at the wound or body cavity of the patient and Herzmedikation bei Diabetes absorbent mat.

The effect of the wound care article applied to the wound or body cavity of the patient - especially the suction applied to the wound - is the same regardless of whether it is his "left" or "right" side. The object of the invention is to provide Herzmedikation bei Diabetes generic wound care article that Herzmedikation bei Diabetes the treating staff greater flexibility in wound care.

A further object is to provide a generic wound care article Herzmedikation bei Diabetes gives the treating staff the opportunity to react differently according to the requirements of the wound to be treated.