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HCG bei Diabetes and Metformin jputah. I've been taking Metformin for type II Diab for six months. I have been on HCG for weight loss for 2 weeks.

However, now its a bit more erratic, dipping below Is there a lag between stopping Metf. Answer Question. Read 6 Responses. Follow - 4. Stopping and hCG bei Diabetes medication on your hCG bei Diabetes without first consulting with your doctor is bad and could lead to problems.

And what is HCG? Google says it's a pregnancy hormone. I have diabetes 2 and have been off my medication since Medformin, Er, Simvastatin, and Ramipril. All these meds made me sick and gain weight. I recently went to my DR due to high blood pressure and he put me back on the meds but Glimpiride 1mg instead of the Medformin.

I really need to lose some weight and my Dr is not into fad diets my? If I lose the weight will my stats change? Has anyone gotten off diabetes meds on this diet? I'm going crazy!!! Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shelly. I have Type II Diabetes. It's been 3 months since I lost 27 lbs on HCG. I did gain back 9 of that but am stable now. That includes a very challenging sedentary time recovering from knee surgery. I am hCG bei Diabetes now starting to burn serious calories from my aerobic workouts again.

My wife now wants to hCG bei Diabetes HCG and I'm going to do it with her. HCG improved my blood pressure and blood sugar readings.

I've reduced my hCG bei Diabetes on Flonase for spring allergies. I've learned how to eat less and eat healthier. For me I'm glad I did it, although, its tough and a last resort for those that have "tried everything. I hCG bei Diabetes going to start the HCG drops. I am type 2, on insulin, metformin and blood pressure meds. It's encouraging to know your blood sugar and blood pressure have improved.

I have asked my Dr. HCG bei Diabetes know dropping the weight will help the numbers too. I need the help in curbing the food cravings myself.

I love food!! By February 9th I stopped taking my mg of metformin and 2g of glimepride no need as the blood sugar went normal around the 7th.

Its now the 19th and sugar is normal in upper 90s when i go to bed and wake up, 98, its wonderful, i now weight I sleep like a rock now and feel great waking up. It works. Folks it works, go for it. If your diabetic measure sugar all the time and take note of everything. I am very happy for you and would like to try the same HCG brand that you tried. Can you tell me know what brand it is? Notify me of new activity on this question. Join this community. Ask a Question. Top Diabetes Answerers.

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